Who is Dave?

In a Nutshell

  • Likes making pretty architecture pictures with Visio
  • Enjoys Automating all-the-things
  • Knows just enough Python, Bash, and JavaScript to be dangerous.
  • Finds racking and cabling servers to be meditative.


Currently an enterprise systems architect at the University of Massachusetts Office of the President. I help design the architecture of new web-based systems for the five campuses; keeping costs low, availability high, and making sure we don't box ourselves in a scaling corner.

Recently, I've been proselytizing Devops as a way to foster collaboration and get more work done. After integrating Ansible into our environment, I've been impressed how easy it's been for folks to pick up and run with.

I provide for the care and feeding of hundreds of terabytes of file storage for Xen and VMWare virtual environments. I also support our "temporary-as-of-six-years-ago" legacy Solaris SPARC environment (using containers as to keep my sanity) as well as a smattering of core services.

In my spare time I hack on my home automation system based on the open-source OpenHAB (Eclipse SmartHome) and try to capture as much metadata as I can around my life.


Prior to joining the architecture team at UMass, I lead the Document Imaging team. Working with folks from 9 different business units across 3 different campuses, we were able to streamline and digitize all routine business processes. 10 million pages of digital records, hundreds of automation rules, thousands of decision points, hundreds of users. Lexmark's suite of software combined with liberal amounts of custom server-side JavaScript code and many late-night whiteboard sessions did the trick.

Collaborated on the EFF amicus brief US Supreme Court regarding the Oracle V. Google case. Honored to be a cosigner with so many of my technology heroes.

Member of the Archive Team (guerrilla arm of The Internet Archive). Helped to save Geocities and Yahoo Video from disappearing forever.

Co-created a system for end-to-end tracking of tissue samples using RFID technology for automated chain of custody. Submitted to the Massachusetts Medical Society Information Technology in Medicine competition.


Graduated Magna Cum Laude from UMass Dartmouth with a B.S. in Management of Information Systems.

Studied at Worcester Polytechnic Institute for two years as a Electrical and Computer Engineering B.S. candidate.

I'm a lifelong learner and continue my studies through online courses, books, and podcasts. Most recently, attended a Bioinformatics graduate seminar from Manuel Garber on how to utilize the university supercomputer cluster for genomic analysis.